Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirts seem to be all the rage lately. I loved the idea, but definitely did not want to fork out an unreasonable amount of money on one. I loved Cotton and Curls tutorial and went out and bought all of the fabric to make it. The holidays came and around and I never got around to doing it. A few weeks ago I saw this fabulous tulle skirt and I knew I wanted to do something more like it. Valentine's day was coming up and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to whip up a new skirt. 

Lining material - I used a pink calico fabric from JoAnns. 
Waistband -  You can do an elastic waistband, but I wanted more of a finished look so I used satin blanket binding in white. 
Invisible zipper - If you are doing a ribbon or fabric waistband. 
Tulle - I used 13 yards of white tulle, but I am loving the idea of a dark tan tulle skirt !

As far as cutting out your material to get the perfect circle I am going to send you back over to Cotton and Curls tutorial (See link above) because I am not so great at explaining it. I only used two layers so the lining material would still be pretty noticable. One would have worked, but I like the layers so I stuck with two.

In my opinon having this colored lining is what makes the skirt. 

One of the things I like about using blanket binding for a waistband is that it is folded over and give you added thickness. I pinned the lining and the tulle together face up and then layed the waistband upside down and pinned it to the tulle/lining and then sewed them together. If you want to be really thorough I would serge or zig zag stich the edges. 

I inserted the invisible zipper and then cut down my tulle the length of the zipper, probably a little bit shorter. Tulle is such a forgiving material that you can tuck the pieces into each other and no one will notice the cut. If you don't cut it you will have a hard time getting your skirt on. 

If you want to use an elastic waistband cut your elastic the length of your waist, not stretched out. You can stretch if you want, but I wouldn't stretch it too much. Attach it the same way as your would the ribbon waistband and then you are done!

See you can't even tell the tulle is cut!

Reasons why I would make a terrible fashion blogger
Reason 1: Apparently I don't do a good job of looking at the camera. oops! 
Reason 2: I get totally embarassed that people will walk by my husband taking photos of me and think I'm some weirdo. 
In all seriousness I am not a fashion blogger, but I wanted to give you an idea of how you could wear a tulle skirt and just how cute it can look!

Shoutout to my wonderful husband who is also a wonderful photographer! You can check out his blog Pushinpin Pictures here.

This was my Valentine dinner outfit and it was so much fun! I love how you can pair so many different tops with this skirt and still have it look cute. This denim polka dot is one of my favorite shirts and I felt like it was the perfect combo with the pink and white! For a more casual look you could adds flat or even a cute pair of tennies or a plain t-shirt. This skirt is the perfect pick me up during those dreary winter months and a fun addition to any closet. It was also pretty cheap and easy to make!

 Reason 3: I am a terrible twirler! 

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  1. Super cute, you're so talented! Also, you look a bit like Rapunzel with your extensions. Gorgeous!